Dreamland Guesthouse is not an ordinary guesthouse.

To know the story of Dreamland, we’ll have to start from the very beginning:

A family of 8 (Dad, Mom and 6 kids) started their experimental home school in the city Mandalay several years ago, they called their school ‘Dreamland’.

In 2008, Dreamland Art Studio was set up by the family with help and cooperation from local artist Suu Myint Thein, a long-time teacher to the children and family friend, on the corner of 69th & 37th street in Mandalay. He also runs his own art school ‘Alin DaGar’ on the same spot. Ever since then Dreamland  has grown into a venue for learning art and music, enjoying art exhibitions, attending workshops and trainings on various subjects… it has become one of the liveliest art spaces and information centers in town.

The idea of combining art and accommodation is not new elsewhere in the world, but it is in this traditional city of Mandalay. When the country started to open up to the world in 2011, millions  of curious travelers and visitors pour into Myanmar, among them are many independent backpackers/young travelers, this is something we encourage and want to support. We want to provide something different from the typical hotel rooms you’ll get around the city. Ours is dreamland — the entire place is designed by the Dreamlanders, we used a lot of recycled materials, dedication of time and effort and little innovations here and there. If you are looking for luxuries of high-end hotels this is a wrong place to go. But if you are looking for something special — come! and experience a different Mandalay!



Dreamland Guesthouse @ Ayetharyar

Dreamland Guesthouse now has a second location in Ayetharyar, Taunggyi near the famous Inle Lake in southern Shan State. The second location continues Dreamland’s DIY spirits and you will see a lot of efforts that we have put into the new place. We are locating in a quiet and authentic local neighborhood, it’s a perfect place for people who want to stay away from the touristy crowd. Welcome to Shan State, and meet you again in Dreamland!  😉

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