Make a Reservation

If you wish to make a booking with us please —

1)  Fill in the online booking form here, and wait for your confirmation. 🙂

2) send us an email at: (Mandalay Guesthouse) (Ayetharyar/Taunggyi Guesthouse)
    (for planned-ahead guest who likes to have a detailed confirmation from us~ )

3) contact us through our facebook page/ call us directly
     (for last-minute bookings that you promise, promise will show up)

In either case please tell us your full names, nationalities, preferred room types, check-in and check-out dates, contact number and approximate time of arrival (if possible). Also if you you have any specific requests (i.e. female dorm? twin beds or double bed?) please let us know.

We will handle your booking and get back to you as soon as possible.  Thank you! 🙂

* If you have make a booking from our website and wish to modify it, please do it here. *

Dreamland Guesthouse @ Mandalay

  • Address: Corner of 69th and 37th street, Maha Myaing (1), Maha Aung Myay Township, Mandalay, MYANMAR.
  • Contact numbers: (+95) 2-4032850, (+95) 9-773816155
  • Email:
  • Facebook Page:

Getting to Dreamland, Mandalay


Dreamland Guesthouse @ Ayetharyar

  • Address: No. 59, Block 17, Quarter 4, corner of Cherry Street & Bane Kone Street, Ayethayar Township, Taunggyi, MYANMAR.
    * After passing the golden gate ( a.k.a the ‘Welcome to Taunggyi’ sign), turn right after Coca Cola Taunggyi office, we are just two blocks down.
  • Contact numbers: (+95) 81-208372
  • Email:

Getting to Dreamland, Ayetharyar, Taunggyi


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