Welcome Home

We ask  friends and guests to write something for our blog. And here we present the very first from Teo, a long time family friend and a true traveler.

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I have spent the past two years living in dusty but vibrant Mandalay, watching it slowly develop and transform into a city that is not only receptive to foreigners but more importantly, can host them and provide the necessary comforts that they might need.

Enter Dreamland Guest House. Owned and run by an adorable local family who live within, this place is easily summarized within its name. It is a dream for travelers who intend to spend some days in and around Mandalay. It doubles as an art and music school which only adds further atmosphere and energy to a very charismatic building.

It is immediately apparent that a lot of thought, love and dedication have gone into this project. So much of the building work and furnishings have been made by recycled materials and every family member has contributed in some way. There is gorgeous art work over every wall and the spacious layout is very appealing. I have had many sleepless nights in many forgettable hostels around the world, but Dreamland’s facilities make you want to climb into bed early. The dorm beds and rooms are among the most appealing I have encountered and it was with real pleasure that my partner and I were asked to test drive the facilities. Outcome: we asked if we could move in on a full-time basis the next day! Upstairs, there are private rooms offering twin and double beds with toilets/showers inside or out. The colorful stone corridor leading you to them is very inviting and makes you feel happy and alive. Perhaps my favorite feature is the circular exit/entrance to/from the roof. It is delightfully covered in painted artwork and leads to a view across the city.

Dreamland will fill the gap that has been missing for travelers who want to enjoy the accommodation in Myanmar. It offers not only the nicest surroundings but also at the cheapest prices. I can’t help but spend my free time here as it feels both stimulating and relaxing all at once. This place is a must see for all travelers. In short, you would be crazy to book a bed anywhere else! Come and dream the nights away at Dreamland Guest House. The chances are, I’ll be there doing the very same thing!







Teo van Well – U.K (Scotland)

I double as a sport and health teacher here in Mandalay having relocated two years ago. My partner, Tabitha, and I have fallen in love with the people of Myanmar and we hope to have further years ahead of us here. I have travelled fairly extensively around Asia and hope to continue my travels in the future, seeing as much of our world as I can. Meeting new people, experiencing new cultures and learning more about myself and others are the factors I find stimulating about my lifestyle choice. May the adventures continue…..


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