Working hard…. Hardworking…


Today the wind started blowing since early morning — a sign of summer coming!

Huuu…. We’ve all been working really hard to bring about the guesthouse. Today we are working on the roofing of the second floor’s outdoor terrace. It’s hard work to transport it up to the top of the building:


But by the end of the day it’s done and we now have a much cooler outdoor place to chill out!

And what people are concerned most is ‘When will you open?’  Well, actually we now already get the guesthouse license issued by MCDC (Mandalay City Development Committee), with which we can host local travelers. But we still have to wait for the other one issued by the ministry of hotel and tourism to host foreign guests. So…. we still don’t know how long will it take, but we are working on it! 🙂 Hopefully next month!!



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